Wage garnishment laws are levy actions by the federal government to collect an unpaid tax debt. When a taxpayer owes back taxes, the IRS will first place a lien on their accounts. If the individual or business fails to take actions to pay back their debt, either by paying in full or by entering into a form of tax resolution, the government will move forward with levy actions. Wage garnishment laws for the IRS are different from other collectors, because they do not require a federal court ruling to begin collection actions. A common form of IRS levy is wage garnishment. It is harder to stop wage garnishment and other levy actions after they have started. The IRS is only required to leave a single taxpayer who is filing single $845 a month as a “minimum living requirement”. Any income over that amount is available for them to levy. For married individuals, the amount is $1362 per month.




Can Community Tax Help Me Stop Wage Garnishment?

Community Tax professionals have worked with many clients who have been having their wages garnished. In some cases, the resolution team is able to help these individuals stop wage garnishment and enter into a tax resolution plan. Negotiating with the IRS to halt a levy requires financial documentation and proof that the levy is causing undue hardship, the tax debt was assessed incorrectly, the statute of limitations will expire on the debt, or you can make an offer for another payment plan that the IRS accepts. Our team has extensive knowledge of IRS wage garnishment laws and can help you understand available options.


What Are My Options?

The best thing to do when facing an IRS garnishment is to take immediate action to get the tax debt resolved. Community Tax employs experts at tax resolution that have helped taxpayers across the nation get the help they need with their back taxes and state tax debts. Our team is comprised of CPA’s, tax attorneys and enrolled agents that work diligently to ensure each case gets the absolute best available result. Our team has saved millions of dollars for our customers and can help. Call us today for more information about how to stop wage garnishment, levy actions and get out of IRS debt. Call today 1-800-444-0622!