This Privacy Policy takes effect as of February 1st, 2014. Community Tax (“CTax”, “We”, “Us”, “”) takes your privacy and our ethical responsibilities very seriously. Our strong commitment to customer service to visitors of this Website and all of our customers includes respecting privacy concerns. Below, in this Privacy Policy, we will describe how CTax uses, collects, shares and protects information gathered on our website. Using this site, you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions written in this Privacy Policy in effect at the time of your use. It is our hope that this disclosure will build your confidence in our website and enhance your experience while on the Internet. Therefore, in compliance with typical Federal and State Government industry standards and regulations, CTax abides by the following Privacy Policy.

Browsing does not collect any personal identity information from your computer while you browse this site and download pages from our server. Unless you knowingly and voluntarily provide your name, email address or any other personally identifiable information, we will have no way of knowing that information. CTax may utilize information such as IP addresses, access times and types of browsers in order to improve site performance. We may also collect broad demographic information to use for aggregate purposes. When you download a page from our website, our servers will log HTTP request information. That information includes IP number, the date and time, the URL downloaded and any other information contained in the HTTP header. This header information is used for the purposes of maintaining website functionality and understanding visitor behaviors to provide a better user-experience for your future visits.

Information Collected and Uses

Ctax collects personal information should you decide to retain our services, purchase one of our products, or participate as an affiliate marketing program. In addition, we will collect your personal information should you subscribe to our newsletter or complete an application form. In addition, Ctax may collect your information if you chose to participate in one of our surveys or if you conduct other business with us. The information we need is required to execute transactions you have requested, provide you with a service and/or enhance your experience or account. At any time, Ctax may ask you to provide supplemental information when needed. Information we ask for includes, but is not limited to: name, billing/current address, telephone numbers, email addresses. If you are purchasing one of our products, we will request: credit card numbers, your Social Security Number, birthdays, previous addresses, employment information and other financial documentation as needed. We may send you confirmation using your email address, and if necessary, we may need to use other information you provide to contact you for help in processing.

In addition to the uses described above, we may use contact information provided to us to keep you updated on future offers or promotions unless you choose to opt-out or otherwise contact us of your preferences.

Information voluntarily disclosed to CTax may also be used for the following, but is not limited to: contacting you about your interests in obtaining other products or services we offer, providing you with more information, enrollment, opening and establishing customer accounts, providing great customer service, negotiating resolution for customer tax liabilities (as described in the terms and conditions of their written agreements), improving our products or services, or sharing statistical data to our public relations or business partners.

In addition to the aforementioned ways, CTax may use personal identifiable information to send promotional materials and share with 3rd parties so they can send you promotional materials. “Promotional materials” are communications that directly promote use of websites and the purchase of products or services. You may “opt-out” at any time from such communications.

Disclosure of Information Provided to 3rd Parties
CTax may disclose the personal identifiable information of a consumer in order to carry out or affect any transaction you have requested of CTax or as is deemed necessary in order to complete any and all contractual obligations with you. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL, RENT, OR TRANSFER YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO 3RD PARTIES FOR ANY PURPOSE IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION. We prohibit anyone within our organization to transfer or sell said personal information to entities that are not affiliated without providing the parties involved to opt-out of the sale (See the Opt-Out policy below). We may occasionally share an individual’s identifying personal information with companies with whom we are affiliated that are controlled by Community Tax, LLC by common, direct or indirect control of said companies. Any information, personal or otherwise, collected on our site and by any third parties will be put to use in the site’s operation as well as to provide any products or services you have authorized or requested and to carry out any related transactions. We reserve the right to use personal information for providing promotional offers, such as telephone marketing, banner advertising, email advertising and direct mail marketing among other methods. We may also broaden the scope of use of your personally identifiable information at any time.

We will not be partnering with other parties that would collect your identifiable personal information relating to your online activity across various websites and over time when you are using our services or visiting our website.

Tracking Policy
When we ask you to furnish any personally identifiable information, we provide you the ability to avoid having your information used for certain purposes. This includes situations such as providing personal information when purchasing a product or service of ours but being uninterested in receiving additional marketing materials. You can opt-out of this by indicating on our order form your preferences.

In each newsletter or communication, we include instructions to opt-out of receiving newsletters and other promotional communications. Additionally you can contact us via the email and phone information on our contact page within our website. Opting out of these communications puts your name on an internal do-not-contact list that prevents our employees from contacting you going forward and stops your personal identifiable information from being used for any of our purposes.

If you are interested in preventing your personal information from being collected by third parties that are not our service providers/agents, you may contact our customer service department at any time to have them process your opt-out preference regarding your personally identifiable information.

You may contact Customer Service at

Community Tax, LLC
6232 N. Pulaski Rd.
Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60646
Toll Free: (877) 971-3232
Fax: (866) 203-9654

Service Providers

We may, at times, use third party companies to provide us with specific clerical, shipping and information processing services. Anyone that signs up for services on our site may have their information shared, but only to the degree it is deemed necessary for the provision of the aforementioned services.

All of these third party companies have been expressly prohibited from using your personal information for any purpose outside of those outlined above.

Ensuring the Secure Transmission and Storage of Personal Information

CTax considers your personal identifiable information’s security to be of utmost importance. Our company follows industry standards for security to protect any information that is submitted, in both our records and while it is being transmitted.

We employ SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to keep any information on our site encrypted when it is being submitted. This includes any registration information, credit card data or social security numbers, among other things. This SSL encryption protocol is a widely-accepted industry standard and protects users from interception of their personal information.

Once the information you’ve submitted has reached Community Tax, LLC, we store it on secure server space behind up-to-date firewall technology that has been implemented to prevent any unauthorized access from anyone outside of Community Tax, LLC. In addition to this security, you can protect yourself in any online transactions by keeping all personal information and passwords to yourself. There is no network security or form of digital storage that is completely secure, so it is important to be aware of how your information is passed. Using email, for example, offers little to no encryption. While we at CTax work hard to keep up with industry standards and to stay up-to-date with our efforts to safeguard your personally identifiable information, we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that your data will always be completely protected.

For answers to any questions about our website’s security standards, email CTax at

Log Files

Many websites, ours included, use automatic methods of gathering information, which is then stored in log files. These methods include storing data such as types of internet browsers, date and time stamps, internet service providers, the pages which referred you to our site, IP (internet protocol) addresses, the current operating system and any available click-stream data used.

This information is mainly used for purposes such as trend analysis, site administration, tracking the movements of users as they navigate our site and the gathering of demographic data. None of these processes allow for the identification of specific users within our system. The data that is collected automatically is never linked to your personal information.


Cookies are small files containing text that allow a computer to keep a record of visits to websites. We do make use of cookies on our site, though none of the information stored in these cookies is linked to your personal information that you have submitted anywhere on our site.

One type of cookie we use, the Session ID cookie, makes navigating around our site easier to do. This cookie expires as soon as your browser is closed. Users can also elect to store their passwords on our site by using a persistent cookie. Additionally, this type of cookie allows us to specifically track the interests of our users so that the experience on CTax’s site can be enhanced.

Our website will still be functional if you disable the storage of cookies, however some areas of the site, including any surveys or contests, may be limited.

There are some business partners with whom we are associated, such as advertisers, that also have cookies enabled on our site. We do not have any control over or access to any of these cookies.

This statement of our privacy guidelines addresses only the use of our cookies and does not address any use of cookies that may be managed by the aforementioned advertisers.

Links to Other Sites

Our site may, at times, contain links that direct users to other sites, including affiliate sites and third party web pages, none of which are controlled or owned by CTax. This privacy policy is only directed towards users visiting our site and submitting their information through our forms in regards to disclosure and use of said information.

While we aim to partner only with sites and companies that share our dedicated standards, we are not held responsible for the privacy standards other companies apply to their sites. We recommend that everyone make an effort to become aware of the privacy policies of other sites as well as their terms and conditions to protect your personal information.

This privacy statement is only applied to the information that has been collected by forms on our web site.

Co-branded Sites

Occasionally, we may form relationships that co-brand us with our affiliates and partners. These relationships between businesses help both us and you by bringing more product and service opportunities to the table. We have always provided opportunities to opt-out of sharing any personal information with these co-branded partners. Please be aware that any sites that have been linked with our site are not governed by our privacy policies and may not adhere to the same standards we have put in place.

Personal Information Access

If any of your personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, etc., change, you can email our Customer Support department to update the information, delete some records or correct any mistakes. Additionally, you can deactivate your account by contacting the Customer Support department through the postal address or telephone number provided below.

Customer Service

Any correspondence sent to us, whether physical or digital, may be retained within your personal customer file. Any information relegated to us during a telephone conversation may also be written and noted within your file. Our employees may also make copies of the correspondence we send to you to add to your record. These records are maintained to help us provide a detailed history that improves the products and services requested by you as well as improving our customer service levels. Once your case is closed, we may remove records from your case as the law permits. Phone calls made between you and our employees may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance.

Depending on the personal information provided to our employees, we may attempt to communicate with you to properly offer the services or products you have requested as well as to manage the account you have with us. If you have indicated a preference, we may follow that regarding your communication.

Legal Disclaimer

We reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information, as required, to comply with the law, applicable regulations, governmental and quasi-governmental requests, judicial proceedings, court orders or subpoenas, to enforce our Legal Notices or other agreements, or to protect our rights, property or safety or the rights, property or safety of our users or others (e.g., to a consumer reporting agency for fraud protection etc.).

Supplementation of Information

In some situations, when providing requested services, we may replace some of the information submitted by you with data provided by third parties.

Business Transitions

If we go through a business transition, such as sale of assets, acquisition by another company or a merger, it is likely that your personal information will be transferred. If this is the case, you will receive an email notification or there will be a notice listed prominently on our website for 30 days before any transfer of control or ownership of your private information occurs.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy statement at any time without warning. Your privacy will not be compromised by any of these actions. Any provisions listed within this privacy statement are superseded by previous policies or notices in regards to our privacy policies on this site. Any changes to the privacy statement will be made here on this page.

We at CTax encourage you to frequent our site to stay up to date with any changes in our privacy statement as well as to remain aware of our commitment to protecting your personal information. Additionally, we update our website with new content and work to improve your experience with our site. Any changes that occur within this policy shall be posted as updates to our privacy statement, our homepage and any other pages that are deemed as appropriate. This will help you to stay aware of the information that we collect, its use within our company and how it may be disclosed to our employees and any third party companies.