What is an IRS Payment Plan?

The IRS payment plan is a way for taxpayers to resolve their unpaid taxes with the federal government without further collection actions being taken on their debt. The IRS payment plan may be an installment agreement, an offer in compromise, or a partial payment, or stair-step type of installment agreement.

Many taxpayers may have problems understanding the rules required to enter into an IRS payment plan. This is because each payment plan has a specific set of requirements necessary for taxpayers to be accepted into them. IRS agents must see financial documentation showing reasons why a taxpayer requires an IRS payment plan.


How Can Community Tax Help Me?


Community Tax can help people understand their options when they are in need of an IRS payment plan to resolve their back tax problems. The Community Tax resolution team has helped taxpayers from across the country get the resolution plan that they need. During the investigation phase of our program, our team will help you furnish the documentation that will prove to the IRS your ability to pay or not pay, your income, expenses and the equity of your assets. Using this information, our team will suggest the best IRS payment plan available to you based on your individual circumstances, and then correspond with the IRS to ensure that you get the assistance required.

Hiring a professional tax company to help you receive an IRS payment plan could save you thousands of dollars off your tax debt. Failing to take action on your debt could result in the government placing a lien on your assets and end in levy actions. Community Tax will ensure that these actions are prevented providing our customers do not contact us after these actions are already under way. Contacting our tax professionals can even help have the lien or levy removed in some cases. Call us today and get help! Call 1-800-444-0622.