IRS Help

The idea of receiving a notice or letter from the IRS can be pretty frightening to the average taxpayer. Correspondence from the federal government can be confusing for taxpayers and often times taxpayers do not know who to trust or how to ask for IRS help. There are a lot of advertisements for companies who claim they can assist with tax problems, but who can you trust?

At Community Tax, we help you with the IRS and cover a variety of issues. We assist with tax preparation of missing tax returns, developing a plan when owing thousands of dollars to the IRS, audit defense and reconsideration, working with revenue officers, submitting ID theft affidavits, innocent spouse claims, penalty abatements, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services for your business, and other services.

Our tax practitioners at Community Tax take a two phase approach to determine how to address a taxpayer’s problems when they come for IRS help. The first phase involves an IRS investigation. Our tax practitioners file a power of attorney form, contact the IRS, pull IRS transcripts, and evaluate a taxpayer’s specific financial situation. Doing so, allows our tax practitioners the ability to evaluate a taxpayers account with the IRS and it allows them the opportunity to develop a specific plan of action for any taxpayer. Once our phase one investigation has been completed, our tax practitioners will have identified all outstanding issues with the IRS and will create the most efficient and affordable plan for addressing any IRS help needed. Once all problems have been identified, and a plan has been put in place, our practitioners then implement that plan in the second phase of our process.

So the next time you receive an intimidating notice or letter from a federal tax agency and need IRS help, contact the tax practitioners at Community Tax. Our two phase approach will identify all of your IRS needs, address your specific concerns, and develop a plan to affordably address any problem that you may have as we help you with the IRS difficulties you face. Learn more, call us today 1-800-444-0622.