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Tax Help- CTax Goes To Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville

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This past March, several members of the CTax team traveled to the Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville. We were represented by Nick Charveron, George Perez, Kristan Venlos, Robert Gianos, and Derek Knorr. CTax raffled off $500 each day during the three-day expo, and gave away a flat screen TV on the final day of the event. We […]

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    IRS Help- Taxpayer Advocate Panel To Have 29 new members for 2015

IRS Help- Taxpayer Advocate Panel To Have 29 new members for 2015

IRS Help
After IRS recommendations, the Department of Treasury approved 29 new members to serve on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP). The TAP is a federal advisory committee in charge of providing taxpayer suggestions to improve the IRS’ customer service.

In addition to the new members, there are 46 returning members on the panel of 75 for 2015. More than 400 […]

Offer In Compromise with Community Tax [Video]

Offer In Compromise


Have you ever wondered how Community Tax helps its clients with an Offer In Compromise?

Want to know more information on an Offer In Compromise and see if you can qualify? Call Community Tax now at 800-444-0622.

Tax Help- CFPB To Help Out Corinthian College Students

Tax Help
Do you need tax help and want to understand your student loans affect you?

In early February, the U.S. Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  (CFPB) announced that former students of Corinthian College could have a portion of their student loans forgiven.

Through an agreement with the new owner of some Corinthian College schools, ECMC […]

IRS Help- IRS Rehires Hundreds Of Former Problem Employees

IRS Help
In December, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released a report that stated the IRS has hired back hundreds of former employees. Auditors found that of the 7,000 former employees hired between Jan. 2010 and Sept. 2013, 824 had either prior performance or conduct issues.

This news comes after it was announced that about one-half of the 100 […]

IRS Help- IRS Releases Full List of “Dirty Dozen” Scams

IRS Help
The IRS has been slowly releasing its list of “Dirty Dozen” tax scams since the beginning of 2015. In February, it finally announced the entirety of its list.:

Identity Theft – Scammers try to get personal information anyway they can. Some criminals will file fraudulent returns using someone else’s Social Security Number.

Inflated Refund Claims – Taxpayers need to […]

IRS Help-Calling The IRS May Not Be That Easy

IRS Help
Many people have questions in regards to their taxes.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reported on Jan. 16 that roughly 100 million people will attempt to call the IRS this year, but only half of those people will be able to get through to the IRS over the phone. Those who get through may have to wait more than […]

IRS Statute Of Limitations- Form 872

IRS Statute of Limitations
There are different lengths for a statute under specific circumstances. If that tax year is audited, the taxpayer may be asked to file a Form 872 that extends the statute of limitations so that there can be more time for the IRS to assess and complete the audit.

In a recent court case, an auditor received a […]

Tax Help- Are your work clothes tax deductible?

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During tax season, people seek additional tax help and want to know what they can claim as part of their taxes. A question that often comes up is whether or not individuals can claim the clothes they wear to work.

People are able to claim their work clothes under only two conditions:

Those clothes are worn as a condition of […]

IRS Help- Scam Artists

IRS Help
The IRS released a consumer alert warning many taxpayers about telephone scam artists.

The report stated some “tricks” that the con artists have used, or are likely to use, to gather personal information from tax payers.

The IRS said on its website that scammers will tend to aggressively demand money. They might tell the tax payer that they have a […]